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SDMed Observation, Planning & Eco-Innovation presents

the International Conference : Nature and Culture-based strategies and solutions for cities and territories, An idea whose time has come !

and its sponsorship opportunities

Sponsorship offers a chance to companies and institutions to enhance their recognition and raise their awareness, before, during and after the conference.Sponsors get the opportunity to differentiate themselves from their competitors, to develop closer and better relationships with existing and future customers and increase the visibility of their products. We need support, especially in this period of limited public and private ressources in order to :

  1. disseminate the new concept and the practices of green and blue infrastructure including green lighting and sound design 
  2. promote relevant technologies and products developed by innovative companies and institutions.

Thus we offer 4 sponsorship opportunities, platinum, gold, siver, supporter, each of which contains specific benefits for a specific amount of money.

  10.000 4.000 1.500 500**-1000
Discount for company employees to conference fee of attendance 60% 40% 20%



Sponsor's logo on the website of the Conference * * * *
Link (connected to the logo of the sponsor) on the website of the Conference * * * *
Logo of the Sponsor on electronic programme that will be sent to the participants before the meeting * * * *
Logo of the Sponsor on the meeting schedule form * * *  
Sponsor’s banner to a  video wall / stand during the presentation/speech - Participation of the Company to the on-site Workshop  * * *  
Sponsor’s brochure / catalog (printed material) in the folder of the Conference * * *  
Sponsor’s logo in the Meeting’s Proceedings * *    
Sponsor’s stand  (unstructured) to demonstrate products *      
Sponsor’s logo on the posters *      
Reference to the beginning and the end of the Conference *      
Reference / promotion of the sponsor at the press conference *      

 ** Only for academic onstitutions and NGOs 

We remain at your disposal to work with you and make sure that the sponsorship package is designed around your corporate goals and your budget.

Μπορείτε να κατεβάσετε εδώ το Xορηγικό Πακέτο στα ελληνικά !